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Pinus Woods


Pinus – the Pine. A simple individual elegance describes the strong character of this autonomous design.

Material composition
70% sheep’s wool, 21% jute, 9% linen
Care instructions
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Felice carpets are low-maintenance. Depending on use, you should regularly vacuum their surface with a smooth nozzle – never use a brush! Turning them over once a month prevents “channels” (areas frequently walked on) and keeps the carpet looking consistently good.

All Felice carpets can be used on both sides and are thus unsealed. This results in a self-cleaning e ect: The dirt is stepped downwards and can simply be removed there. Liquids should be removed immediately with a strongly absorbent wipe and rinsed with clear water. Beating on fresh snow is a classic and very e cient cleaning method. Professional textile cleaning can help in case of heavy soiling.

The wools used for Felice are selected speci cally for use in carpet weaving. They are particularly bulky, heavy-duty and age-resistant. All yarns are spun and milled in our own spinning mill. As a result of the proceedings the individual yarn bres become matted and maintain a particularly good bond. If individual bres come loose over time, carefully cut these o with scissors.

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The use of high quality dyes ensures a very good color fastness and prevents fading by light. There are no negative effects on the ecological component. The dye binds directly to the fiber, other physical or chemical properties are not changed.
Sheeps´s wool
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Renewable raw material Sheep’s wool is a renewable raw material. All wools for Felice are selected in accordance with environmental standards and contain no insecticides.
Self-cleaning Sheep’s wool is self-cleaning. Its natural portion of lanolin keeps the bres vital and protects them from severe soiling.
Regulates the indoor living climate Sheep’s wool takes on up to 33 % of its own weight in moisture from ambient air and releases this again if the environment is dry. It thus helps to regulate the indoor living climate.
100% recyclable Felice carpets are made of 100 % natural bres. They are thus
100 % recyclable and contribute to the environment in this way.



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Special sizes with widths ranging from 650 to 1950 mm are possible.

Special sizes

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