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The Story of the Company

Carpet manufacture – three generations: Kurt Lehner, Alexander und Felicitas Lehner with daughter Gloria Lehner (from l. to r.).

Felice begins in principle with Kurt and Herta Lehner who founded the carpet weaving company Lehner Wolle in 1969 and were developing new yarns and weaving techniques from a very early stage. Their son Alexander Lehner took over the business in 1992 with his wife Felicitas. Together they were inspired by the possibilities of the in-house spinning mill and opened up new business areas. The looms which had in the meantime been decommissioned nevertheless remained available to them. In 2013 the plan emerged to reactivate the old machines. A new generation of handwoven carpets arose. A three-year process resulted in Felice – the future-oriented overall concept for modern living requirements.

Lehner Wolle company, Austria