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Size Modules

A system that fits

The sizes of Felice elements are always a multiple of 650 mm. Whether zigzagging around corners or in a traditional rectangle, the modules fit together to create individual carpet creations.

Dimensional Tolerance

Due to the different weaving techniques, sizes may occasionally vary. These differences can be up to 40 mm in width and length. These deviations are no errors, but underline the characteristics of the handwoven natural product Felice.

Special Size

All Felice modules can also be ordered in special sizes:
Widths: FAGUS, SALIX and PINUS up to 1950 mm
RIBES, TILIA and VISCUM up to a width of 3600 mm
Lengths: are unlimited.

Sketch your desired combination!

For your individual Felice combination simply draw the desired module combinations in the document below. Each field represents a modular unit of 650 x 650 mm.