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Connector— A system that works

All Felice modules can be connected to one another in a few steps with the Connector. As a first step, the elements have to be adjusted just the way you want them to ultimately be. To place the Connector correctly, push the modules about 10 cm apart. The selvedges of the modules are then placed on the Velcro strip so that they make contact with each other in the middle and join up flush with one another. Lightly pressing the modules fixes them in their position. Walking on the carpet every day ensures a firm and durable hold.

The Connector must be placed so that it cannot be seen from above, i. e. no Velcro clasps should be protruding over the module edge.

If the shape of the carpet is to be changed, individual modules wished to be turned over, relaid or added, this process can be repeated at any time without any wear being caused.